Defiance Son, Perfect Storm, is Available!

Perfect-Storm-3-1-17---crop.jpgPerfect Storm was offered for sale at the 2018 Futurity Auction in Kansas City in April, but the bidding did not meet our reserve. He is still available for sale to qualified buyers throughout the summer, and in the meantime, we are delighted that he will be bringing the best of his impressive genetics to females across the color spectrum here at Snow Diamond.

Snow Diamond Perfect Storm is the product of Snowmass Matrix Perfection (7-year stats: AFD 18.8, SD 3.4, CV 17.8, and >30  0.7) and Snowmass Defiance (8-year stats:  AFD 20.6, SD 3.4, CV 16.7, and >30  1.0). Check out Perfect Storm's perfectly awesome 2-year stats:  AFD 14.9, SD 2.9, CV 19.3, >30  0.3.

This young male has the best traits of both parents, including fineness (which will be lasting, judging by both parents), excellent consistency, density and high-frequency crimp that is well-defined and uniform throughout his fleece.

EPD rankings?  Exceptional, with five traits in the Top 5%, including two in the Top 1%. Storm is the #4 ranked male in the EPD database for MC.

Not yet three years old, Perfect Storm already has settled two females at Snow Diamond, one white and one fawn. With his genetics, this beautiful male is wired to throw color as well as whites and lights.

Storm is one of the best Defiance offspring we have seen, and there have been many. Think how you might use a male like this on your farm.