Boarding Available at Snow Diamond Alpacas

Boarding-shot.jpgWhether you are waiting to get on your own ranch or are a passive investor who doesn’t have the time or desire to take care of alpacas, we can help. We’re about 10 minutes from the City of Bend, Oregon, and we offer 35 acres of quality pasture, dry-lot paddocks, secure enclosed stalls, loafing sheds (a/k/a run-in sheds) and a climate that alpacas (and people) love. Our spacious barn and several outbuildings provide plenty of room for the animals to come inside during inclement weather, and roomy pastures and paddocks allow them to sleep under the stars.

Livestock guardian dogs provide additional security.


In the summer, we provide abundant pasture, daily nutritional supplement and minerals. In the winter, we feed grass hay with alfalfa as a top-dressing, nutritional supplements and minerals. All served with plenty of accessible sources of clean, fresh mountain water. 

We have a customized two-horse trailer that we use to transport six to eight alpacas, depending on their size. We have a larger custom-built trailer that can accommodate roughly twice as many alpacas as our smaller trailer.

Our herd-management software will automatically send you an email whenever we provide routine husbandry, medical or breeding services, as well as non-routine treatment. We will seek immediate veterinary attention if a medical emergency arises. For non-emergency issues, we will contact you to report the concern along with a recommended course of treatment.

You are welcome to come to Bend any time to visit your animals. We know how important it is to interact with your alpacas and to receive personal attention, conscientious care and accurate recordkeeping when you board. We’ll make sure that’s exactly what you get.

Our current boarding rate is $3.00* per animal, per day (not including crias, who stay free until they reach the age of six months). Special services requiring extra time and attention are billed separately, as are veterinary fees and other out-of-pocket expenses. Contact us to discuss details and to review a copy of our boarding agreement.

*Boarding rate is subject to change without posting notice.